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Cari Makan > Warung Kelapa Sawit – Kg Tok Kangar, Juru

Penang Food | Warung Kelapa Sawit – Kg
Tok Kangar, Juru
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Our senses this round had traveled to another secluded place in the jungle, well almost. This stall
was located just next to a palm oil estate by the road on the way leading to Juru old town when
coming from AutoCity. There was a seafood restaurant just opposite Warung Kelapa Sawit.
Passersby will be mistaken with this stall structure as it looked just like normal Malay stall
serving typical Malay cuisine. But the moment we walked into this stall, the number of patrons
at any time can be up to 50 persons or more! Yes, you heard us right, the five-zero! Famous
Malay Restaurants normally could have that many people at each time, like the Hammer Bay
Ikan Bakar.
The stall itself was a place to prepare the food and dishes while the tables and seats were put
outside in the open air, next to the palm oil estate, hence the name Warung Kelapa Sawit. Most
of the tables were full when we reached there and we were quite curious to see another group of
people queuing at the stall. Hmm what were they queuing up for?
Wow, these people were actually coming here for Warung Kelapa Sawit’s Ikan Goreng (Fried
Fish). Of course, there were other dishes available but we could see these people patiently
waiting for the fried ikan bawal hitam (dark pomfret). There were four large wok arranged in a
single line with two helper frying the fish non-stop.
The hot oil and the large flame used ensure the fish could be fried quickly. The fish were
marinated with tumeric using their own recipe before being fried and we could smell the nice
aroma of fried fish in tumeric, fresh from the wok.

Based on our conversations with some of the helpers there, Warung Kelapa Sawit had been
operating for almost 10 years but started their signature ikan bawal goreng only a couple years
back. The owner, recognizing the need to be different compared to other stalls decided to
experiment with this idea.
It was a hit and they had not looked back since. They could easily fry up to 500 fishes in a day!
That was a record indeed for the amount of fish used in a single day! Even seafood restaurants
could not match this.
The Ikan Bawal Goreng was crispy and delicious and it was so good that every table had at
least one. Well, we had five! Hehehe.. The price was pretty much reasonable as well as our
economy rice cost around RM2.50 to RM4.00 per plate depending on the dishes, excluding the
fish. Each of the ikan bawal goreng cost RM5.50 and came with their own “kicap manis” (soy
Warung Kelapa Sawit is open daily from 9am till 3pm everyday except Sunday. But if you
intend to come here for the Ikan Bawal Goreng, make sure you come around lunch time. Phew,
another satisfied food adventure.
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